How honey works in mellos lemonades


Sweet drinks and lemonades are well known and liked, be it as a refreshment on a hot day or something light after a heavy meal. Home made, commercially made, local or from overseas, there’s plenty to choose from, but only few are honey based. Compared to sugar and other sweeteners, the locally sourced honey which we use is much more natural for the body, has loads of positive effects and it does not affect our ability to enjoy a sweet refreshing treat. Unlike sugar, which loses most of its nutritional value in the process of brewing most lemonades, honey keeps all of its glucose and fructose as well as many vitamins and minerals helpful for the body. The flower honey, used as base of all our mellos lemonades, is locally sourced from beekeepers located around Košice. We use craft style techniques to carefully incorporate it into our products.

Another, equally important, reason for which we chose honey is the taste itself. That in combination with the texture of honey always feels more pleasant when it hits the tongue. Whatsmore, switching sugar with honey can bring unexpected new combinations in many different areas (have you ever tried coffee sweetened with honey? Yum!). Had we used anything other than honey as the base for our herbal lemonades the resulting taste would’ve been very different, less interesting and much more ordinary.

Be honest, how else would you have tried the combination of coriander, clitoria and flowerhoney?

Or mixed the sweet sweet honey with juniper berries and fiery chilli?

These varied tasty combinations, that we like to make up and love to create have become many people’s favourite ever since we brought them into this world almost a year ago. If you have not tried any of them yet, there’s no better time to pick your favourite of the bunch and join us in enjoying this sweet honey refreshment.