Welcome the new couple to the mellos family - butterfly pea & coriander


When mellos had first started, it was represented by three specific taste combinations: thyme &mint, juniper & chili (a.k.a non-alcoholic gin) and rose & hibiscus. The good people of Slovakia had fallen in love with our lemonades and so we knew that we would come out with new and exciting tastes sometime soon. 

That is exactly what had happened and so: natural energy (maté, guarana, dried ginger, and ginseng) and the vitamin bomb of ginger & lemon were born.

Since we enjoy the process of coming up with new tastes, we have decided to add one extra special combination, bringing our total products to six. It is the last piece of the puzzle that is our basic selection of honey-based lemonades. Up until that point our lemonades have been made with typical and slightly less typical ingredients, but we wanted to bring something exotic from another part of the world, hence we reached for the little known flower of butterfly pea and paired it with coriander (butterfly pea & coriander).

Butterfly pea is a tropical flower from southern Asia, that is almost unknown in this part of the world, used for its anti-stress properties and positive influence over one’s memory. It also goes by the name of butterfly pea and is most often used as a food dye. The shapely blue-purple petals of this flower give our lemonade it’s interesting blue hue.

Coriander, which is a more known player in this part of the world, is used mostly in cuisine. It has its fans but also haters. The strong aromatic smell and distinct taste can turn people away but there are those who hold it in high regard and like to experiment with adding it to various dishes (just always remember: a little goes a long way with this herb, you don’t want to end up with plate that tastes only of coriander and nothing else).

The combination of these two non-traditional herbs creates a pleasant, exotic harmony. We cannot forget the bee honey that connects all our lemonades. Mixed with coriander and butterfly pea it creates another original taste that enhances the spectrum of our mellos family!

Bottoms up!