Why do we use herbs ?


For ages, people have known that herbs are healthy for our body. Be it pre-historic huntergatherers, who enriched their food with easily accessible herbs from the nature that surroundedthem, or our grandmothers that would always serve us the right tea to help ease all our aches,natural herbs have been part of our “menu” forever

But what to do when you want the taste of the herb, without having to reach for food or hot tea? Naturally, you can make your own fresh drink at home, according to your own recipe. The other option is to try our hand crafted mellos lemonades. Every taste, smell and good trait of the herbs we use, create original combinations that are joined by the sweetness of our local honey

We do our best to create combinations of unexpected tastes that at first glance seem like they shouldn't go together. Take for example, mellos juniper & chilli, that still raises eyebrows before people give it a taste. The mild bitterness of the juniper berries, combined with fiery chilli create a tasteful punchy flavour reminiscent of alcoholic drinks, which has earned this lemonade the nick name of “non-alcoholic gin”. Besides non-traditional tastes and combinations, we use herbs that have many amazing healing properties. 

Talking about this particular duo, juniper berries help with aching joints, weakness of heart and water retention, chilli aids digestion, dilutes blood and clears your sinuses. Every mellos combination has been carefully crafted so that the taste of the herbs and fruits match both in taste and their healing properties. Ginger and lemon is our vitamin king, mellos natural energy combines invigorating substances (such as guarana, ginkgo and ginseng) with a pinch of Himalayan salt to give you more energy and Thyme & Mint - classical well known herbs in an unexpected combination that comes packed with many health benefits, all coming together in this honey-sweetened lemonade.

Our idea to combine refreshing sparkling lemonade with healthy, invigorating herbs all in tandemwith local flower honey, brings you a drink that is familiar but also brings something new,surprising and unusual.