There are fancy lemonades and there are lemonades with purpose by mellos!


A household name in their native Slovakia, mellos, was founded by Oprendek brothers looking to drift away from the traditional take on the classic drink - lemonade. Being already established self-proclaimed aficionados in the cider industry, Gabriel and Rado took the challenge of"reinventing" the lemonade to the next and unexpected level.​

With most lemonade recipes calling for cups of sugar, mellos opted for the simplicity of honey-sweetened version that is refreshingly tart but still has a sweet depth of flavour from the locally produced raw honey. The flower honey sourced from trusted beekeepers of Košice's area of Slovakia is used as the base for all their lemonades. With the health benefits of honey known for thousands of years, not only are mellos products delicious in taste, but honey also contains glucose, fructose as well as many potent vitamins and minerals to benefit overall wellbeing.​

Once the base was tasted and established, the best was yet to come.

Considering unique flavours, unusual combinations and distinctive and often quirky perception of traditional taste, Oprendek brothers carried away with a hunt for all-natural ingredients to benefit their range of products. With the celebratory, eye-catching, and all-senses tickling factors in mind, they saw an opportunity to produce high quality and exclusive range of hand-made artesian lemonades infused with herbs, exotic shrubs, fruits and unusual botanicals with their flowers and petals.

With "Quality Above All" as a motto, Gabriel and Rado are obsessed about perfection, using only the highest quality natural ingredients in all their products. Using extensive research, field testing and functional old trial and error, they proudly and successfully bring the unique and pleasurable taste experiences to beverages in the market today.

Every part of each of our tastes and senses tingling flavours reflect on carefully sourced powerful natural ingredients while complimenting their crucial element - honey!

For traditional lemonade-lovers, there are subtle flavours of "Thyme & Mint" or a take on classic Cola with the creation of "Honey Cola," resulting in unmistakable and familiar taste but substituted and enriched with healthy honey.​

For those looking for more adventurous and often unimaginative combinations, there is "Juniper& Chilli," a take on "non-alcoholic gin" with the distinctive duo offering help with digestion while bursting with the spiciness of the chilli.

Sensual, medical, and mind supportive properties of herbal and botanical power played a crucial role in choosing them. With varieties ranging from rose and hibiscus to butterfly pea and coriander, the benefits of mellos lemonades include a healthy immune and digestion system, improved memory, or reduced cholesterol, to name just a few.​

Not all success lies in the choice of components and research. Passion, courage, and above all, detailed and accurate artisan craftsmanship makes the flavours come together in harmony and ease.​

Firm believers in first impressions and understanding the importance of branding, Gabriel and Rado encourage their consumers to read their product stories through beautifully designed labels. Right from the choice of paper used to the impressionism inspired paintings, they capture the foundation of herbal alchemy, natural features and organic ingredients.


With full circle now closed, each of mellos's bottles of lemonade offers a one-off combination of senses in delicious taste, pleasant smell and a delightful label printed on unconventionally beautiful paper.

If your taste buds are feeling adventurous, there are six exciting flavours to choose from, with each awaking different senses and triggering memories of travels, places, or childhood recollections.

Already loved and admired in their homeland, mellos's range of lemonades is currently available in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Ireland and Denmark, with many more markets welcoming them shortly.​

Luckily, soon you do not have to travel to Slovakia to enjoy their specialty; Always open to cooperation and happy to introduce their assortment of sensational products to anywhere in the world, Oprendek brothers are ready to help and participate.